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The below videos support the work we do by providing further information related to the online gambling industry and online gambling harm across the continent of Africa.

Modern Day Slavery

Premier League football clubs have 'modern slavery' policies - rethink your partnerships with betting companies, they have far reaching consequences.

Just A Game

Just A Game - with far reaching consequences.

On the day of the UEFA Champions League Final, looking at the far reaching consequences for young football fans and supporters in Africa who are being targeted and harmed by the very same industry that so many Clubs now have sponsorship partnerships with. 

Total Recall

“Children have the right to be respected and to have their best interests considered at all times” - UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

Africa Day

As YAFOG celebrate Africa Day alongside the 829m children and young people across the continent, we call on all leaders across the world to engage in conversation and take leadership, as is your responsibility to do, on this increasingly dangerous issue.

Regulation in Numbers

When the online sports betting industry's growth in Africa is set to make $billions, how can we protect children and young people from Online Gambling harm? We must try!

Joining The Dots

Joining the Dots ... as recommended by Academics across the world, we are driving forward urgent action to prevent further harm to children and young people across Africa by the Online Gambling industry. Action is needed NOW!

Messages From The Team

Courageous young men and women from the YAFOG team talk about the impact of online gambling and the harm that it causes in their communities.

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