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Raising the voices of 829m children and young people across Africa so that they can be heard by world leaders and the media regarding the online gambling industry that is not only targeting them as a market but also causing irreparable harm. This is not the time to turn away.

International Day of the African Child

There is ✨ MAGIC ✨ in education, opening up a world of wonder and possibilities for a child. Every child should be free to learn, explore and grow safely, joyfully. Help us protect our children’s education from the harms of the Online Gambling Industry, so that their future and that of Africa is brighter than it is today.

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YAFOG Statement

YAFOG has released a statement following the recently published article in The Shift - ‘Italian court seizes €3million in suspected mafia assets of Malta-linked company’, May 21, 2023. 

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YAFOG Statement

Statement from Young Africans Fighting Online Gambling on the announcement today that Premier League clubs will ban gambling sponsors on front of shirts from 2026-27

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The Shift

The Shift article - ‘Maltese gaming companies accused of targeting millions of African youths', April 09, 2023. Click on logo to read the article here.

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Letter to The Editor,
The Times UK

Letter to The Editor, The Times UK in response to the ‘welcome news that the government and the Premier League finally accept gambling advertising is harmful (sport, Mar 30)’.  We strongly agree with the position of Gambling With Lives (editorial Apr 1 refers) for a ban on all forms of gambling advertising. 

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